Boris "Realist Russian Around"   Director
Birth Death And The Stuff In-Between

Boris "Realist Russian Around" Director

Boris is a up and coming director living in Vietnam. Boris will share stories of joining the Russian army, and life as a kid growing up in a post Soviet Russia. To hitchhiking across Europe and eventually getting banned from China. These stories along with others have given Boris a unique perspective on what existence and experience is. His prespective is some what of an atheist, but Boris is passionate of the essence of the universe and what the meaning of concusses is. This has inspired Boris to be fully committed to his love for film and his hungry to have the stories in his head become a reality on the big screen. Link to Boris Youtube channel Boris music video Social media links and podcast director This podcast hopefully enlightens you with perspectives and knowledge you'd never be able to obtain without it. Everyone has a path that is diversely pack filled with choices that lead to misfortunes, blessings and heartbreaks. This morphs that persons beliefs and truths. My job is to archive all walks of life in one place. To create a library of philosophies of the human condition from each person I interview. I hope that after all is done, with me long gone, I will have captured enough people's lives with this podcast to help put a dent to the answer of these questions."Why is there birth"? "How come it leads to death?" "And what's the point of the stuff in-between?”